Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Your Child’s Allergies

When you meet with your pediatrician for the first time to discuss your child’s allergies, you may not know what to ask. To make sure you get the information you need, here’s a list of questions you can ask. Be sure to write down the pediatrician’s answers so you can share what you learn with your family members.

1. What is an allergy?

2. What is my child allergic to?

3. What triggers my child's allergies?

4. What symptoms can I expect?

5. How can I tell the difference between allergies and a cold?

6. How do I know that my child's itchy, watery eyes are due to allergies and not sore eyes?

7. How can I tell the difference between itchy skin rash due to allergies and eczema?

8. Will my child's symptoms be worse inside or outside?

9. Are there times when my child should avoid being outside?

10. Does my child need allergy tests?

11. What medication can I give my child to help with the symptoms? Any side effects I should watch out for?

12. What should I do when I know my child will be around something that makes their allergy symptoms worse?

13. What does my child's school or daycare need to know about allergies?

14. What sort of changes should I make around the home? Can we have a pet? Can my child have stuffed animals?

15. Will my child outgrow their allergy?